Minnesota Scammers Exposed

Over the last few years, several scammers have popped up in conservative politics in Minnesota. On their face, it looks like they are doing the Lord’s work – advocating for Second Amendment rights, pro-life views, election integrity and even supporting President Trump. But a little investigation reveals they are actually just building their own brand and raising money by cashing in on unsuspecting Minnesotans sympathetic to their message.

In other words, they’re scammers.
Minnesota Gun Rights

Scamming is a family affair for brothers Ben Dorr, Chris Dorr and Aaron Dorr. They work together in several states creating pro-Second Amendment groups that on the surface look like grass roots lobbying efforts, but in reality are just fundraising schemes with little to no influence on actual public policy.

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Minnesota Right to Life

Building on the fundraising success of Minnesota Gun Rights, Ben Dorr recently branched out to another conservative cause through creation of Minnesotans for Life. So far the group consists of a Facebook page, but knowing Ben Dorr, this will grow into a full-fledged attempt to raise money from well-meaning pro-lifers in Minnesota who will be sympathetic to his rhetoric.

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MAGAsota & Trump Club of MN

MAGAsota appears to be working on behalf of his campaign. But there’s a problem: these scammers aren’t affiliated with the official campaign in any way, shape, or form.

The “Trump Club of Minnesota” is another Dorr scam. This fake Facebook group has no official affiliation with the Trump campaign, instead using the President’s popularity to build a following that will ultimately send them money.

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Signs you’re being scammed:

Exaggerating influence at the State Capitol and during elections–when, in reality, they are bit players with no real relationships or influence.

Asking for monetary contributions in every communication. For example, “Please donate so we can continue to fight for your values…”

Attacking Republicans and conservatives exclusively, while leaving Democrats, who actually oppose our issues, completely alone.

They’re playing you.

Every step of the way, Minnesota Republicans have stood with gun owners across the state. Republicans have stopped every attack by anti-gun Democrats on our constitutional rights. Right now, Senate Republicans are the only thing stopping Democrats from passing radical gun control.

So, why would Ben Dorr admit they “did everything in their power to disenfranchise gun owners from the Republican Party”? Because they are scammers, ultimately doing damage to our cause of protecting the Second Amendment.